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Rancid Fish and Bird Talons

Phew! What smells like rancid fish?

That odor is most likely your dog's or cat’s anal glands that are full of fecal material and musk.

This fetid material can not only be noxious to your sense of smell, but irritating to your pet. It can also cause serious health issues e.g. infection, impaction, abscess, rupture, and the development of tumors.

At first, your pet may be focused at looking at their hind end. This means their anal glands are already irritated. If you see your pet licking or chewing this area, then the irritation is more intense. If you see your pet scooting, then the irritation is severe and possibly there is an infection. Sometimes scooting means that they are expressing their own anal glands. But, we can help them before it gets to that point.

Leave the dirty job to us. We can evaluate and express your pet’s anal glands.

Bird talons or toenails?

Long toenails can not only be painful (e.g. shin splint-like pain), but can also throw off your pet’s pitch, posture, and mobility. Front toes are especially important for tactile sensation and balance. These problems are compounded when your pet has orthopedic and/or neurologic issues.

We give orthopedic nail trims. What is the difference between a regular nail trim and an orthopedic nail trim? Great question! For many pets, we can make 3 different angled cuts to trim the toenails while making them as short as possible and slow down regrowth. We do our best to not “quick” the toenail, however, sometimes this does occur. We are well trained and equipped to address such an issue should it occur.


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