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Testimonials from Clients and Pets

Throughout her practice, Dr. Lipton has worked with many animals and has seen great results! Here are a few client testimonials and case studies to showcase some of her work.

I have a beagle-mix named Justice who is about 16. Earlier this year she was diagnosed by a traditional vet as having liver disease. She was put on about 8 different prescriptions but was getting worse instead of better. Arthritis also set in. Her condition was so bad I had an appointment to put her down. Then I got the idea that there may be such a thing as a holistic vet the way there are holistic docs for people. I got on the Internet and found Dr. Lipton. She agreed to see Justice the same week. 


At the first visit Dr. Lipton spent over 3 hours with us. She gave me recommendations for diet and performed acupuncture on Justice. Immediately Justice started walking better to the point that people asked if she had surgery. Within 2 months blood levels were retested and her liver function was back within a normal range – the tradititional vet couldn’t believe it!!! 


I think Dr. Lipton is incredible. She spends a lot of time with your animal, writes everything down, and calls to check on Justice between appointments. She does not discount traditional medications or treatment when need be. If I ever were to have another dog, I would have Dr. Lipton treat from the beginning and not wait until the dog is sick.

- Jacqui Schesnol and Justice




Clark was one of Dr. Lipton's most beloved cats. He had a rough early life. After adoption he became everyone's friend. He would even bring friends home to Dr. Lipton to treat (both feral cats and wild critters). When Clark became very aged and developed Chronic Kidney Failure Chinese herbs, homeopathic remedies, tui-na, and acupuncture gave him a great quality of life and extended his life by almost 3 years.

Dr. Lipton saved our now 19 year old cat’s life two years ago by using acupuncture to restore the function of her colon as a result of long-term constipation. Although Mariquita has never liked being touched by strangers, she has come to enjoy her acupuncture and chiropractic sessions with Dr. Lipton. Dr. Lipton has also taught us many ways of keeping Mariquita functioning without the recourse of returning to our general practitioner for every medical setback, including at home subcutaneous fluids, massages, combinations of foods specific to her needs, as well as medications. She is devoted to her animal patients, refuses to give up on even the most hopeless-seeming cases, and offers the best of both western and alternative treatments.


Do I love Dr. Lipton? Let me tell you. I’ve got arthritis, a bad liver, and neurologic problems. And, oy veh, even cancer! What’s keeping me going? Dr. Lipton’s treatments.


- Carolyn Karcher and Mariquita



- Julie Weisman and Homer

Homer passed away peacefully surrounded by his loved ones at the age of 17 years. He lived with splenic cancer for almost 1 year.


Onyx was a Newfoundlan-Corgie mix who developed significant mobility problems from Degenerative Joint Disease. In addition to Dr. Lipton's foundation treatment (nutrition, acupuncture, and chiropractic) she fitted Onyx into a canine cart which he used to cruise the streets of Capitol Hill and developed a large fan base. The rugged wheels also allowed him to roam the countryside on his Virginia farm on the weekends. Treatment and improved mobility greatly improved his spirits and his overall quality of life.


Tucker had a herniated disc in his spine and was paralyzed for more than 2 weeks before seeing Dr. Lipton. Other vets did not think he could ever walk again. With aggressive treatment including electrical acupuncture, herbs, neurovitamins, and a joint supplement he was able to walk again pain-free about 2 weeks later.

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