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Pet Dental Health: What's that smell - old trash or your pet's breath?

Did you know that the beginning of the digestive tract begins in the mouth?

*Chewing mechanically breaks down food.

*Digestive enzymes are released in saliva.

*Stomach and intestine functions are activated.

Did you know that the immune system begins in the mouth?

*Up to 80% of the immune system resides in the GI tract.

*The mouth also provides a point of entry for bacteria and viruses to enter the respiratory system and bloodstream.

*A healthy mouth can prevent infection.

Did you know that poor oral health can lead to dementia?

*Who wouldn’t be in bad mood if they have tooth pain?

*A recent NIH study of humans and rats supported the link between poor oral conditions and cognitive decline.

*Increased bacteria in the mouth can cause inflammation and lead to gum disease which can raise the risk of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain leading to dementia.

*A New York University study in 2021 specifically linked tooth loss with cognitive impairment/dementia.

At Meridian Veterinary Services, we take oral health seriously!

*Dr. Lipton comes from a family of dentists and dental hygienists. She expanded her knowledge of pet dentistry by attending a sabbatical with a veterinary dental specialist.

*We want your pet to have healthy teeth and gums, along with fresh breath. But more importantly, we want to improve your pet’s quality of life and attain longevity.

*We offer a non-anesthetic approach for wellness dental care with the partnership of Houndstooth Pet Dental (a nationwide practice serving pets for over 30 years).

This modality is very helpful for dogs and cats with mild to moderate periodontal disease. Dogs must be under 50 pounds, and cats who are not feral (or on the “spectrum”).

*For those dogs and cats who do not qualify for a Houndstooth Pet Dental, we offer general anesthesia dental prophies. To be thorough and safe, we require pre-procedural bloodwork and perform digital dental radiographs.

*If your dog or cat has advanced dental disease, then we will refer your pet to a local veterinary dental specialist. Did you know that they can perform restorative procedures such as root canals? But, be prepared because extractions are common and often curative.

*We also offer all-natural dental products to help maintain oral hygiene for teeth and gums. Please ask us about these products that rival the conventional veterinary products that contain chemicals and artificial flavorings.

*We have great tips and demonstrations to help you better brush your dog’s or cat’s teeth and gums.

*Call 301-593-3749 or email us at to get more information about how we can help your pet achieve optimal health.


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